Five Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website


WordPress is a combination of Blogger, PHP and web technologies and it served as a popular platform for blogging and non-blogging sites. It came basically as blogging software in 2003.Then it was just a matter of time that it gained popularity as content management software for non-blogging sites.

The major benefits of word press over its counterpart are simple yet important.

1) Its easy to use, one might not need to be a designing expert to use it and can be installed with a click.

2) It is an open source technology that is also simple.

3) It has reduced time spent in formatting and gives both the option of modifying the codes and drag and drop widgets.

4) It has provided better control and management over the site. No additional software is required and it provides ones site with multiple users through various search engines.

5) In recent times, many web developers took interest in it as it was open source and have come up with easy plugins for WordPress with added extra features and this has enhanced the presentation of a website and easily integrating it with other sites.

Now, wordpress can be easily integrated and interfaced with any social networking site.