5 Steps to the perfect website layout

When we encounter the term website designing, the term fascinates us. The heart of website designing lies in its layouts. It?s easy to create a website layout by following just few basic things. It?s easy but if overlooked it can cause major faults in a website.Things to keep in mind while designing a website layout are screen size, height, width, number of elements or tabs required and then color for segment.
The steps are basic in nature. First step is to decide the layout design and put your layout ideas on a piece of paper. One should always draw the rough sketch of their layout ideas. Second step is about getting all your tools ready, setting up of the grid, setting color theme and topography selection. Third is when you actually start with your photo shop work. Keep your files tidy while working this will avoid confusion and will keep you close to work. Fourth step is about boosting your confidence and challenging oneself to work hard and improve in the field of innovation. The last step is to either do it by yourself if you know to handle the tools else hire a web designer. Understand his information needs and work accordingly. Share your ideas with him and make him work it out and then make alterations till it becomes a perfect layout!