Responsive Web Design – A Tool You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Internet is the virtual world where we spend most of our time in a day and this internet is nothing but a platform of millions of websites. And as websites run the internet, the value of a web site is decided by various factors such as good web hosting with up to 99.99% uptime to make the website available to any user looking up to it, a good bandwidth to occupy when many users are browsing it online, an attractive web design to grab the attention of the user, a good content well presented to engage the user and a regular data updating to make people subscribe and stay tuned to website to ensure regular traffic.As stated above, web design plays the part of attracting more traffic and user attention, the latest in web designing techniques are the Responsive Web Design, like said it is a concept web masters Can’t Afford to Ignore, as it enables a better User Interface making easier user interaction with the website. The responsiveness of the website layout and design provides more optimal searching and viewing information experience for the users. There are many guides, codes, tools, templates and plugins available that can aid the web designer to implement this latest feature to their websites.

Advantages of using Premium Prestashop Templates

We can see so many ecommerce sites coming up online in spite of the fact that running an eCommerce business is not easy. However, setting up an ecommerce website over online is simple and easy. If you are looking to set up your new ecommerce shop over online or you have an existing online store which you would look to redesign and make it attractive and more customers friendly. Getting an ecommerce has really become very easy with the help of ecommerce themes and content management systems (CMS), to put it simply after the evolution of web 2.0 technologies, it has become extremely easy to set up an ecommerce store.Though there are many themes and templates available for ecommerce, the themes that are regularly updated with newer upgraded versions of it being launched along with several add-ons available for it should be considered in first place for your ecommerce business. Because when setting up an online shop there are several add on features required to make it easier for users to navigate the online world of shopping you offer, to surf your products, choose some of the, adding them to cart and to pay for it online. Only themes and templates such as prestashop templates alone can offer an all-around complete package to easily set up, upgrade and provides possibilities for future expansions and customizations.
Prestashop is shopping cart software which is exclusively for ecommerce such as online shopping sites and above all is open source software that is available for free download. The main advantage of having an open source software is there will be several add-ons available that will also be available for free download and any issues or bugs can be fixed with the help of techies in forums and designers involved in developing these themes easily free of cost.
There are several reasons why you should use Prestashop themes for your online business stated as below,
– No price
– Free guidance and support
– No license required
– Can be used multiple times
– Multipurpose templates
– Comes with more than 300+ features
Advantages of using premium Prestashop templates for ecommerce
– PayPal integration available
– Social Media addons available
– Single page check out option
– Newsletters generator
– Apply Coupons feature can be integrated
– In built SEOs with automatic metatags generation based on products
Mobile version of themes available which are customizable to support different Mobile OS such as iOS, Android and Blackberry

5 Steps to the perfect website layout

When we encounter the term website designing, the term fascinates us. The heart of website designing lies in its layouts. It?s easy to create a website layout by following just few basic things. It?s easy but if overlooked it can cause major faults in a website.Things to keep in mind while designing a website layout are screen size, height, width, number of elements or tabs required and then color for segment.
The steps are basic in nature. First step is to decide the layout design and put your layout ideas on a piece of paper. One should always draw the rough sketch of their layout ideas. Second step is about getting all your tools ready, setting up of the grid, setting color theme and topography selection. Third is when you actually start with your photo shop work. Keep your files tidy while working this will avoid confusion and will keep you close to work. Fourth step is about boosting your confidence and challenging oneself to work hard and improve in the field of innovation. The last step is to either do it by yourself if you know to handle the tools else hire a web designer. Understand his information needs and work accordingly. Share your ideas with him and make him work it out and then make alterations till it becomes a perfect layout!

What are the Features of Best web designs ?

Having a website can be useful in many ways and a website is incomplete without a good web design that is most suitable to the information which it contains. Any web design that is not essential a bad one qualified to be good. But that?s just not enough. An ideal web page should feature some classic features to be ranked as winning designs that everybody wants to emulate. Including the following features in your web designs will ensure your visitors appreciate your web design sense.
Colors used: The colors used for backgrounds, buttons, texts, columns, headers and such different parts of the web page should not be the same and should be in contrast enabling to gain the reader or user?s attention and making them engaged in the content
Text: The text should be neat ad legible and should not collide with the background and make it unreadable. The textual information should be well put with proper emphasis for important terms and phrases. Using font that matches the relevance of the topic will also help a lot.
Navigation: The navigation buttons should be easily understandable, usable and moreover elegant in looks. They should remain consistent throughout the web page and should make any visitor at ease.
Links: It is important to match the color of the links with the page background or the text to ensure consistency of visual appeal. They should be placed at the right junctures and should not be used to overdo marketing.
Script/design language:The web page should not take forever to load. It should be light and swift on most browsers and should also have the right pixel count for optimized display. And moreover should be designed and developed in the script or language that will use less hosting memory space to accommodate more bandwidth and quick loading.
Overall web design: On the whole a good website should have as many segments and columns to split and contain the information that would make it in a more presentable way.

Five Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

WordPress is a combination of Blogger, PHP and web technologies and it served as a popular platform for blogging and non-blogging sites. It came basically as blogging software in 2003.Then it was just a matter of time that it gained popularity as content management software for non-blogging sites.The major benefits of word press over its counterpart are simple yet important.
1) It?s easy to use, one might not need to be a designing expert to use it and can be installed with a click.
2) It is an open source technology that is also simple.
3) It has reduced time spent in formatting and gives both the option of modifying the codes and drag and drop widgets.
4) It has provided better control and management over the site. No additional software is required and it provides ones site with multiple users through various search engines.
5) In recent times, many web developers took interest in it as it was open source and have come up with easy plugins for WordPress with added extra features and this has enhanced the presentation of a website and easily integrating it with other sites. Now, wordpress can be easily integrated and interfaced with any social networking site.